Sentinel Gold Project, Western Australia

  • The Sentinel Gold Project is located 130km east-northeast of the township of Kalgoorlie in the Eastern Goldfields and comprises a single granted exploration licence which covers an area of approximately 44km2.
  • The Sentinel Gold Project is for the most part on Lake Rebecca. The region around the lake comprises low rolling hills passing into sandy areas marginal to Lake Rebecca. Vegetation is generally open and consists of eucalypts, mulga and salbushy away from Lake Rebecca with spinifex becoming more common in the sandy areas.
  • The Sentinel Gold Project is positioned in a prospective location in terms of regional geological and mineralization setting, located in the Eastern Goldfields Province within the southern Laverton Tectonic Zone, a regional shear/fault system that extends as a set of NNE and NNW trending structures from Laverton towards the Pinjin area.
  • The area has been explored for gold by a number of companies since the 1980s, exploration including predominantly reconnaissance and surface geochemical projects, and limited geochemical drill traverses through covered terrain.

Sentinel Gold Project Regional Geology

Project Geology

There is very little outcrop within the Sentinel Gold Project, most of the area is covered by alluvium, colluvium and playa lake sediments. Small areas of syenogranite outcrops in the northwest of the tenement and metasediments occur in isolated outcrops in the centre of the tenement.

The area lying to the north of Lake Rebecca is largely covered by sandy soils and lake sediments. An elongate weakly-magnetic granite intrusion is exposed in places around the lake margin, this is interpreted to be flanked by felsic volcanoclastic rocks and sediments. Besides strongly magnetic BIG horizons, the remaining geological sequence has a subdued magnetic signature, with elongate moderate responses interpreted to be dolerite or narrow ultramafic units.
Regolith is variable, with a generally shallow sandy, calcareous or pisolithic red-soil transported profile over a stripped oxidation profile.

Summary of Sentinel Project

The Sentinel Project has been actively explored since the early 80‘s making up a large portion of Pancontinental Mining’s Pinjin Project. The most recent work carried out to date being 2010-2013 by Renaissance Minerals Limited. The very eastern portion of the licence was explored as part of their greater Pinjin Project. Renaissance completed a field visit to review the geology and to locate the Sentinel workings for a planning of a surface sampling program.

A soil sampling programme tested the area in the vicinity of the old workings and along strike to the south and north. A total of 108 soil samples were collected from 15-20cm deep holes, generally at 20m intervals along variably spaced traverses targeting zones of residual soils around the lake margin.